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Selecting The Right Seal Material In Transmission Applications

Posted by Dr. Mirco Gronitzki on Jan 14, 2021

For most of the world, an automobile is a common item that is used every day and part of our daily lives. That is why automotive manufacturers take the care to make sure everything is in working order whether it be the engine, tires or brakes. One of the most important parts of a car is the transmission, which provides power and handles control. With people being in the driver seat at least one hour per day, the powertrain system does play a very important role. Within this critical powertrain system are seals that work to improve the quality of shifting gears, acceleration and maneuverability so the driver has a smooth and comfortable ride. Therefore, selecting the right seal does make a significant difference for both automotive manufacturers and the consumers they serve.

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What Are Rectangular Seals? How Can They Help You in Automotive Applications?

Posted by Dr. Mirco Gronitzki on Sep 27, 2018

High speeds, high pressures and high temperatures – these are three important requirements that seals in critical automotive applications frequently must be able to address. Rectangular seals, named after their rough rectangular shape, are a special type of face seal for rotating connections used in applications where pressurized oil or fluid need to be transmitted between a stationary and rotating part. They are used for the oil pressure supply in rotating actuators such as clutches and pistons in automotive transmissions as well as in engines and oil pumps. These seals are custom designed for use in internal applications to address high pressures above one bar and speeds at over five meters per second for high volume applications. 

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Meldin® Automotive Transmission Seals: A Sporting Success Story

Posted by Dr. Mirco Gronitzki on Feb 15, 2018

In the world of competitive auto racing, detail and precision are the hallmarks of a winning design. From the custom engine, to specialized tires and even down to the automotive transmission seals; no level of detail is overlooked. Most of us may not have the thrill of driving a race car as seen in those cool “Fast and Furious” movies, but we can still experience that same precision engineering in high-end sport cars.  Today on The Critical PARTner, we hit the road to share a success story of Meldin® transmission seals for high-end sport cars.


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7 Benefits of Low-Friction Plastic Seals in Automotive Critical Parts

Posted by Dr. Mirco Gronitzki on Nov 06, 2017

What a great experience our team had at the CTI Symposium in China! It’s always a wonderful opportunity to connect with our auto industry colleagues.  One question that often comes up at these events is about the benefits of low-friction plastic seals. Let’s review some highlights: 

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