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Fall Back to Go Forward: Sharing Key Seals Events & Solutions

Posted by Rebecca Phan on Oct 30, 2018

It’s officially autumn/fall and for many that means crisper weather, colorful foliage and a period of transition from summer to winter. This changing of the seasons is not only the perfect time to look ahead to 2019, which is right around the corner, but also to look back on several key events in 2018 that have us moving in the right direction for our space, life sciences and industrial markets. 

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Global Manufacturing: Growth in Asia & Our Connection

Posted by Andy Li on Sep 18, 2018

Global manufacturing is moving at such an unprecedented speed that businesses need to take proactive steps to remain competitive; one way is through investment in R&D and emerging technologies that are reshaping how they work with their customers and end users.  As one of these global businesses, we have seen a tremendous growth in various regions such as Asia where our sealing and polymer solutions are critical in supporting many OEMs in the industrial, oil and gas and aerospace and automotive industries.  

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Explore 4 Critical Considerations for Choosing Polymer Spring-Energized Seals in Oil & Gas Applications

Posted by Geert Vanthienen on Aug 22, 2018

Oil and gas production is on the rise. U.S. oil output is expected to reach an all-time high this year and Europe’s offshore drilling continues to grow, with strong contribution from UK and Norwegian Continental Shelf production. Simultaneously, Russia, Brazil and countries in the Middle East continue to produce.  Growing demand is pushing oil and gas companies to locate and produce new and more complex downhole reserves with conditions often requiring the ability to withstand high pressure, high temperature (HPHT), cryogenic temperature, sour gas, heavy oil, and other demands. Safety and environmental protection are major concerns. Proven designs and high-performance solutions are increasingly critical as new designs are developed to push the technology limits, one of which is polymer spring-energized sealing solutions. 

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R&D’s Critical Role to find the right Sealing and Polymer Solutions: A Day in the Life of an R&D Engineer

Posted by Alma Camara on Jul 31, 2018

The process of selecting the best materials for critical parts in machines we use daily and devices we rely on in aerospace, space, life sciences and industrial manufacturing is multifaceted and requires quite a lot of thought, knowledge and understanding.  Because of this, many companies invest in their R&D departments to be their investigators, innovators, problem solvers, and developers and to guide them so they can grow via new product introduction and enabling new technologies and processes.  

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Introducing Saint-Gobain Seals’ New Blog: The Critical PARTner

Posted by Rebecca Phan on Sep 14, 2017

We’re very excited to welcome you to the first post of The Critical PARTner — the new blog by Saint-Gobain Seals! Part of a new initiative to support our refreshed website, we are building a collaborative forum for our customers, engineering colleagues and all who have an interest in working together to find solutions that improve our daily lives. The Critical PARTner blog will feature an array of timely topics and helpful hints to help you solve your challenges in design engineering, product application and manufacturing. 

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