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Introducing Saint-Gobain Seals’ New Blog: The Critical PARTner

Your Source for Designing Critical Parts in Core Systems:

We’re very excited to welcome you to the first post of The Critical PARTner — the new blog by Saint-Gobain Seals! Part of a new initiative to support our refreshed website, we are building a collaborative forum for our customers, engineering colleagues and all who have an interest in working together to find solutions that improve our daily lives. The Critical PARTner blog will feature an array of timely topics and helpful hints to help you solve your challenges in design engineering, product application and manufacturing. 

Curious? Here are a few answers about The Critical PARTner … 

  • Why is Saint-Gobain Seals starting a blog? With the rapid pace of industry change, it is critical for engineers to have a reliable, go-to resource for the latest information. We want to be your source for education and collaboration by sharing industry updates and case studies, answering your FAQs, and building a host of educational resources.
  • Why is it called The Critical PARTner? Providing critical parts (through partnerships) is what we do! Saint-Gobain Seals has a long, established history, yet we are also at the forefront of designing precision components for the aerospace, automotive, energy, life sciences and industrial markets. The name Critical PARTner evolved from our core competency and brand promise.
  • Who will contribute? The Critical PARTner will feature a rotating roster of blog authors; sealing and polymer industry experts with unique insights and a desire to share their knowledge. Though you may know Saint-Gobain Seals from our key products OmniSeal® spring-energized seals and rotary lip seals, Rulon® filled PTFE compounds, and Meldin® thermoplastic/thermoset polyimides, our expertise extends to injection molding, testing, fabrication and quality initiatives.  We look forward to sharing highlights of these areas in the coming months.
  • Which topics will be covered? This is where it gets exciting! Our blog team will combine the best in expertise and entrepreneurship to provide a compelling mix of content. Some upcoming topics include a “who’s who” in our fall tradeshow preview, the “why” of selecting a certain solution for sealing designs, and a “how” does testing in high-performance plastics lead to benefits.
  • How do I join The Critical PARTner? One easy click!  SUBSCRIBE to The Critical PARTner at the top right of this page and you will be among the first to be a blog partner, join the conversation and get the latest industry updates.
  • Why is your participation important? Similar to our brand promise of “Critical parts making THE difference,” we promise to deliver a difference with content that is useful in your daily life. To do this, we need your help!  Please use the comments section to let us know what topics are critical and valuable to you.
Thanks for joining us on this exciting new journey!  And welcome to The Critical PARTner!