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Meldin® Automotive Sealing Solutions: The Critical Differences

Your Source for Designing Critical Parts in Core Systems:

This time of year always seems to bring a surge of new car ads as manufacturers look to clear their current-year inventory. While newer models may have new design features, some of their critical safety parts remain the same from one model year to the next. Meldin® sealing solutions make the cut each year, and here’s why:

“Out with the old, in with the new.” 

While this mantra may apply to automotive designs, paint colors and other exterior features, it’s the inside that counts when critical parts contribute to a vehicle’s overall safety. Meldin® automotive sealing solutions build on a 40-year legacy of innovation from Saint-Gobain Seals to deliver products that overcome common speed, pressure, temperature and tolerance challenges. Meldin® high-performance plastic addresses all of these transmission technical issues head-on.  

Meldin® thermoplastic polymer seals provide constant, ultra-low leakage over a very wide range of temperatures. Plus, superior strength and rigidity combined with special, low-drag torque design features make for lower friction levels and less wear.   

Why consider Meldin® plastic parts for your automotive solutions? 

We understand that when you place your trust in Meldin® parts, the application is safety critical. Given that parts are shipped directly for installation without line tests, our products must perform as designed right out of the box (0 PPM) and for the entire service lifetime of your application.  

Consider that Meldin® automotive seals give:  

  • Better efficiency. Efficiency can be measured by the torque losses of the transmission; and less loss is better to optimize fuel efficiency. Simply changing your seal rings can lead to lower losses of the total transmission for improved fuel consumption. 
  • Complete solutions. Working with Saint-Gobain Seals means that all critical processes are done in-house. Unlike other seal companies, we do not outsource parts of the process, but keep our work within our global centers of excellence. From the compounding of your tailored Meldin® thermoplastic materials, to testing, tooling, fabrication and shipping, we offer one-stop shopping and complete control of the entire process to make THE difference in quality assurance. 
  • Better fit. With our in-house capabilities, we can ensure that your seal will have the best fit at the best total cost of ownership. Unlike other seals on the market, Meldin® components are never over-engineered. You’ll pay for parts that are tailored to perform to your application specifications.  
  • Optimized design. When you partner with Saint-Gobain Seals, you’ll work with a highly-technical engineering sales force. We’re able to look not just at the seal application, but at the surrounding mating hardware. We will design the complete assembly mechanism for you; including all attributes that may increase critical part performance. 
  • Environmental benefits. Aligning with our commitment to improving performance, we also look to provide environmentally-friendly solutions. Our transmission seals anchor more tightly to give you constant protection and less oil leakage over lifetime than competing seals. Our Meldin® tight seal allows you to enable precise pressure control by the TCU, and also use smaller oil pumps for further fuel savings. 

Ready to explore how we design precision-critical parts for safety-critical applications? Connect with our experts! Or get the Meldin® technical brochure for more details!