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Automotive Braking Systems: A Review of Quality Precision Components

Posted by Simon Hufnagel on May 21, 2018

Aside from proper steering, braking systems are perhaps the most important safety component of any vehicle.  To the driver, they are a no-fail system which is expected to work without a second thought.  Yet to OEMs, braking systems are an intricate design of precision components which work together to bring vehicles to a complete and safe stop.

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Meldin® Automotive Sealing Solutions: The Critical Differences

Posted by Simon Hufnagel on Nov 28, 2017

This time of year always seems to bring a surge of new car ads as manufacturers look to clear their current-year inventory. While newer models may have new design features, some of their critical safety parts remain the same from one model year to the next. Meldin® sealing solutions make the cut each year, and here’s why:

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