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Explore Latest Trends in Oil & Gas Seals at CIPPE Exhibition Booth #665

Mar 21, 2018 / by Rebecca Phan

#The countdown is on! From March 27 to 29, we’ll be exhibiting for the very first time at CIPPE, the world’s largest Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition. The event kicks off in Beijing, China, and is expected to draw over 110,000 attendees. CIPPE is the premier gathering for leaders in exploration, production and transportation equipment for the oil and gas industry.  It’s also an ideal place to showcase our OmniSeal® polymer spring-energized seals, which are at the forefront of advanced-sealing technology for reducing fugitive emissions in oil and gas equipment, along with our Rulon® and Meldin® material solutions.

What other innovations can be found at Saint-Gobain Seals’ Booth #665 in Hall W3? Why is being at this event so timely for us and the oil and gas customers in China?

Gas emissions are a key source of industrial pollution for countries with a heavy reliance on coal for producing energy. Given China’s heavy coal dependence, the country provides an ideal backdrop for the CIPPE Exhibition as industry OEMs look for cleaner-burning alternatives such as natural gas. In fact, the Chinese government has instituted a five-year plan to reduce coal consumption by 50% through 2018, cites The Economist. Other countries, including the US, are also collaborating to reduce methane gasses, according to Forbes. By choosing natural gas over coal, industries can generate the same amount of power while producing less CO2.

At Saint-Gobain Seals, we’re committed to helping our partners improve the environmental impact of oil and gas equipment and excited to share these innovations with the CIPPE audience. Our OmniSeal® product line includes a single stem solution that lowers fugitive emissions from escaping within equipment ON/OFF valves. By reducing emissions, the seals provide an environmentally-friendly option for those suppliers who are struggling to meet strict environmental mandates in China and around the globe. In fact, OmniSeal® spring-energized seals have achieved a leakage tightness of Class BH and endurance class CO1 (500 cycles) from -50°C to 160°C, according to the ISO 15848 quality standard. 

Our local team of design engineers and market leaders from our Performance Plastics Shanghai site are looking forward to welcoming you at our CIPPE booth! Please stop by to take a closer look at our OmniSeal® polymer seals and ask us any questions on challenging issues such as fugitive emissions industry standards, API specifications, NORSOK guidelines, and best practices for sealing selection. We’re eager to get your insight as well as learn about emerging industry trends from the many concurrent informational sessions.  

Would you like to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation at CIPPE? Contact us here!    


CIPPE March 27-29, 2018
New China International Exhibition Center
Beijing, China
Saint-Gobain Seals
Booth #665, Hall W3

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Rebecca Phan

Written by Rebecca Phan