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Industrial Strength Rotary Lip Seals: Critical Parts in Air Screw Compressor Systems

Posted by Prasad K R on Jan 17, 2019

In the manufacturing and industrial field, having a reliable energy source to generate power and perform functions can make or break a business. This is why compressor air systems are a critical part and imperative for both small and large-scale businesses. Just how important are they, and what can happen if they are not working effectively? An estimated 30 to 50 percent of energy used in a compressed air system is wasted during operation. 

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The Rulon Difference

Posted by Prasad K R on May 31, 2018

The U.S. manufacturing index rose to 56.6 in May from 56.5according to IHS Markit, and earlier this year Bloomberg reported that factories in China, France, Canada, Germany and the UK were finding it difficult to keep up with demand.

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